Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

Judge Bushan Domah withdraws from Nandanee Soornack case

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Nandanee Soornack

The Nandanee Soornack saga is far from over. This morning, Judge Bushan Domah withdrew from the much mediatic case. He submitted all the files to the Registry of the Supreme Court so that another judge can take on the case. The debate on the injunction imposed to Le Sentinelle Ltee and Le Mauricien Ltd was scheduled to take place today.

Lawyer Yousouf Mohamed, representing Nandanee Soornack said that Judge Domah withdrew because of the comments made by the opposition.

Last Saturday, Judge Bushan Domah preferred to extend the interim order he issued on Saturday 5 December 2013 up to 18 January 2013. He recalled that the made an interim order limited to Applicant’s right to privacy and the right of privacy of her children only. He mentioned that there was no gagging order and the Press was free to write anything on the business activities of the applicant.

There were also reports in the local media that Nandanee Sorrnack did not deny an extramarital affair with a high profile politician but said it is her private life.

It looks like it is just the beginning of a long, interesting case which can last for months or even years.

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