Published On: Tue, Mar 5th, 2013

Mansfield dog deemed dangerous euthanized

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130304 Milo mansfield dog Mansfield dog deemed dangerous euthanized

A Mansfield dog who attacked two people was euthanized Monday afternoon.

Mansfield town selectmen voted 3-2 to euthanize the dog, Milo, last week after he bit a 6-year-old boy who had to have over 400 stitches. Milo’s owners were in the process of appealing the town’s decision to put him down when Milo bit the owner’s 16-year-old daughter.

The teenager, according to the animal control officer, suffered serious injuries to her face.

“Insane. It’s been insane. [Milo bit] her face, around her lips — that’s the most visible stuff. But also got her ankle,” said Michael Bailey, Milo’s owner.

Milo was signed over to the town on Monday morning and was euthanized Monday afternoon.

“You try to keep your emotions out of it, to be professional. To look at all aspects, but I have to look at the facts. I have to look at the public’s safety. I cannot add in a lot of times that it’s a family dog, it’s a friendly dog. The reactions that I’m getting from the dog while it is here at the shelter — the dog has not shown any signs of aggression to me. I t is difficult,” said Mansfield animal control officer, Jeff Collins.

“It’s a family crisis and we’ll all grow from it. I’m just glad vital organs or eyes are still intact — everything. She’s going to heal and we’re going to get back to normal,” Bailey said.

Bailey said his daughter is recovering.


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