Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2012

Parti Malin: “bizin fresh air dans Curepipe”

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Parti Malin 1er Mai 2012 Curepipe 11 300x225 Parti Malin: bizin fresh air dans Curepipe

Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck, Leader of Parti Malin

The leader of Parti Malin, Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck made an appeal to all citizens for the coming municipal election in Curepipe. He said that he does not have adequate funds to finance his campaign, place posters, buy petrol and banners.

“C’est pourquoi Parti Malin pé dire bizin fresh air dans Curepipe,” he said.

He appeals all voters for donations to help in his electoral campaign. Donations can be made to his bank account, numbered 402 988175. He underlined that he is now the third political power in Mauritius.

Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck promised to renovate the Curepipe market and clean the public toilets which are in a deplorable state.

Watch the video of Parti Malin during May 2012 Meeting

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